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Putchong’s passion for health and sports led him from a career in finance to one in the fitness industry.

A former collegiate hurdler from the University of Souther California, Putchong continued his athletic abilities from the track to the weight room. His love for working out, which started only as a hobby, eventually brought him to Bangkok, where he met his future business partners Gift and Mui open Siam Strength.

Splitting time between Bangkok and Los Angeles, Putchong continues to participate in multiple fitness shows and is currently competing in powerlifting under the USAPL. He wants to share his knowledge and passion about fitness, health and nutrition to everyone in order to help achieve their goals.

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Primer 4

Primer 4

Introductory class to the four main compound lifts: squat, bench, deadlift and press.

HIT Complex
HIT Met-Con Strength

HIT Complex

A met-con style High Intensity Training class using kettlebells and dumbbells to hit the whole…