Mum Tanasanti


Fitness featuring an Engineer!

If you can move, you are some form of a machine, and trust me, I’m a Mechanical Engineer.

An engineer by trait, Mum has been combining his knowledge of the human body as well as mechanical points of view towards health and fitness. His passion for sports and weight training eventually lead him to become a personal trainer.

Over the years, Mum has trained athletes from a variety of sports, from rugby to running and tennis to powerlifting, as well as clients from all ages, from children to seniors. He continually focuses on teaching with the same approach – for people to move pain-free and in the most efficient way.

Aside from training clients, Mum enjoys participating in strongman competitions, having recently placed 3rd in The 2018 Asia Pacific Deadlift Championship.

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Primer 4

Primer 4

Introductory class to the four main compound lifts: squat, bench, deadlift and press.

HIT Complex
HIT Met-Con Strength

HIT Complex

A met-con style High Intensity Training class using kettlebells and dumbbells to hit the whole…